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Traveling Picnic 2010

Location: Spring Green WI

After the Letchwerth Picnic in New York in 2009, Bill suggested Curtis & Carl host the event in Wisconsin for 2010. Our nave hopes were such that we felt we might be able to create a nice annual event for all of our motorcycle enthusiast friends to come to. The beauty of the Traveling Picnic is that it is somewhere NEW each year allowing us to see more of this great country. One other basic concept about the picnic is that the host only bears the burden of organizing, and supporting the picnic ONE TIME. Then someone else steps up and hosts it is a new place. The costs are supposed to be shared by all attendees so the host only has to bear the work of organizing and not the financial load for the picnic. The Traveling Picnic becomes each year whatever the host envisions with no set rules, or requirements other than organizing the Saturday lunch picnic meal and picking the place(s).
Curtis & I agreed that we would take it on and spent the fall season riding around south central Wisconsin searching for a good place to hold the picnic. Devils Lake State park was a natural candidate as it is the most used park in the system, has natural beauty all around and some great riding to boot. Camping and shelters were available to rent for our group and after a quick ride through we knew the picnic had to be along the shoreline of Devils Lake.  Curtis reserved the pavilion closest to the water and the job was done. While we were in the park, we checked out the group camping area. There were many sites to choose from but none of them really seemed to suit our purposes.
The next few weeks we searched online for a suitable campsite with a hotel nearby. I found a place called Wisconsin Riverside Resort. Ostensibly, an RV resort along the river it also had tent camping areas that would be perfect for us. They offered a pool, nice NEW showers, and lots of room spread out. An onsite restaurant was a big plus although we never ate there.  Once we rode through, we knew this was our campsite. There was a nice hotel, The Round Barn, 2 miles up the road, they agreed to a discounted rate for our group, and we had found a home for the Traveling Picnic 2010.