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The Traveling Picnic 2011 was a great success

Thank you Willie & Bev

We hope everyone enjoyed this picnic as much as we did! I think our Chapter O is the best!! It was really nice having everyone here and the only bad thing was that we couldn't spend much time with everyone. Bev counted and we had 110 folks sign in on Saturday. I think there was either 57 or 58 bikes. I know we had a yard full of bikes. At least two folks had to come in four wheelers because of plans after the picnic. We had 24 bikes on the ride after lunch. I must not forget Cheyenne!! Cheyenne has to be the best behaved dog I have had the pleasure to be around. He didn't bother anyone or beg for food. Bob, thanks for letting us meet him. Now what am I going to do tomorrow?? It's going to big a big let down now that it's over.






Video taken by Harold 'LittleJoe' Taylor




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