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Dandridge, Tennessee


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Well, the Traveling Picnic is over for this year. Dave S. left this morning on his way back to New Jersey, so I am alone once again. I've had company since Thursday, when Mike Goodwin came up from Georgia. It's been a wild ride, a great time, and I'm sorry to see it end. I had so much help by so many people. Everyone stepped up and helped where possible, from cooking brats/hamburgers/fish, to helping put up and take down canopies and chairs. Dishes were done, grounds always policed, it was just such a pleasure to host this years picnic. It was a great way to end my riding career. I've made the decision to sell my Wing. Not sure what the future holds to anymore riding, maybe a trike, but more than likely I would like to go to having one more muscle car in my life.

Quite a few people were here by Friday afternoon and early evening, and we went to the Ruby Tuesday in Newport for a nice meal. Saturday of course was dedicated to the actual picnic, with an ice cream run to an old drive-in that has been in business since 1958. We lit the first of 2 nights of bonfires (Monday night was just too wet) Saturday night, and also had the first of three nights of spectacular fireworks displays, thanks to Bill Shepherd, the Master of wick lighting. The first night we had a couple of 'misfires', where Bill fired the rockets at the crowd, instead of the sky, but luckily no one was hit (just scared). The final act of the night was a very large box that held 750 (yes---that was 750) individual rockets. Quite impressive, and LOUD! Neighbors up to a mile away have commented on the three nights of 'banging' that went on, so all knew we were having a ball! Speaking of neighbors, they also were so great, donating chairs, canopies, and food. One lady made 15lbs of potato salad, and another gal friend brought over a 'to die for chocolate Coco Cola cake, and chocolate chip cookies, that had everyone wanting seconds. More food then could be eaten in one setting, so we ate hamburgers and brats all weekend. Monday night Carl made some killer pasta, so along with Bill's garlic bread, we had another feast.

The riding Sunday and Monday challenging, as it was on and off rain a lot of the time. We were riding in the clouds with almost zero visibility on Cherohala Skyway, but the Dragon was fairly quite. Carl, Ryan (Carl's 18 yr old son), and Bill rode it three times, while Dave and I sat and watched all of the variety of bikes that came and went.

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Bob Wright


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