Traveling Picnic

Traveling Picnic June 20-22 2014

Ok, I’m back home and back at work. Just sitting here taking a break (take lots of those) and thinking about this past weekend. First off, I hope & pray everyone got back home safe and without issues, and for those lucky enough to still be out traveling, stay safe.
We had a great turnout for the picnic and I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. I wish I would have had more time to visit with our new friends that came to the event, but I stayed busy with things and never got around to talking to all of them. Hopefully will get the chance next year.
I want to once again thank those who jumped in and helped with the food preparation Saturday. Angie & I could not have pulled that meal off without some great help. Thanks to Mike Goodwin for taking and helping Angie with the grocery shopping Saturday morning. Mike was good enough to bring my credit card and my wife back. A big Thank You to Ron Bien who cooked ALL the dogs & burgers for the meal. He must have overheard me comment on how I always burn everything I grill to a crisp and he grabbed the tools and went to work! A Thank You to Solveigh Furguson. Solveigh gave Angie a big hand in setting up and prepping the condiments and getting things ready in general. Roscoe & Sharron Dellinger prepared and brought the pork BBQ to add to the meal variety. Thank you Sharron & Roscoe. And, of course, I must send a big Thank You Angie’s way. The gal worked her tail off Saturday getting things put together. And I know there were others that lent a helping hand with things for this event and I thank you all.
When the monetary donations for expenses were added up, we ended up with more money than we had expenses. I want to let everyone know where this extra money is going; Bill & Ruth started the Traveling Picnic idea five or six years ago, and they have sort of “managed”, for lack of a better word, the travels of said picnic. So I, and probably others, consider the TP sort of Bill’s baby. That is why it was decided to take the extra dollars and “spend” them in a way that keeps with a food theme. Bill will be taking this money and donating it to the local food bank in his home area. Now, the TP concept was, and is, just for a bunch of friends to get together and eat and have a good time. It is not an event to raise money for any charity or cause, but in this one case, we have done just that by default. And I will call this a good thing. Not only did we eat and have a good time, you all are also helping some less fortunate folks out with this year’s event. So, “Folks Gotta’ Eat” is a great them for our picnic!
I had a great time and hope to see you all next year at the Traveling Picnic.


Land Between The Lakes, KY

Hosted this year by Mark & Angie Williams




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