Traveling Picnic


June 12 - 14

Cape Girardeau Missouri







This year was another very well run picnic. The planned rides both before and after the meal were fantastic.
Well thought out routes for a group of people from out of town, well spaced stopping points and roads that were easy to keep a large group together. Some minor curves to keep it fun and interesting.
Marlene (our host) had plenty of local support and participation to make her job easier.
All in all it was very well done! (Bill Shepard)

Really great time today. A nice ride in the morning followed by some good food and a nice ride this afternoon. Thanks everybody for the hard work! (Dave Somers)

I am still tired from the great extended weekend I had ..but it was worth it..(Carl Munkwitz)







Updated 6/17/15





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   Traveling Picnickers at Lamberts. - 21 bikes and 35 picnickers.




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